About Me

Welcome to Crowley Farm Life! I am Lori! A girl who was born and raised on a farm and is finding her way back!  In the past year, I have gotten married, and pregnant, and quit my teaching job. Aaron my husband and I have been on the constant hunt to find an acreage that will let us raise cattle, his passion, along with giving me the ability to do a grain operation, my passion.  We currently are living in town but we both get out to help on the farm any chance we can and trying to be patient for our opportunity to arrive.

Life changes fast but a few things stay the same, my passion for agriculture, finance, food, projects, and helping people!  Farming has its own obstacles. They are unlike any other type of business I know so I hope you follow along on our journey of family, farming, and actually having a life in this busy world. It’s a bumpy road at times but it’s one we wouldn’t trade for anything!