A Simple Slow Cooker Chili perfect for those Cold Minnesota Days

I have loved Chili for years.  It is a must in Minnesota, especially during those freezing cold spells! Even better I can make it the night before, through it in the slow cooker in the morning and come hope to a great hot meal!

As I got older my idea of a good chili was no longer my mom’s. My mom does not handle spice very well so her chili would only have about ½ a tablespoon of chili powder. Over the past seven years, I have messed with my chili recipe and finally got it right last year! Now, this Chili is perfect for the cold Minnesota winters. I get to leave it in the slow cooker all day and come home to a delicious meal just waiting for me! My slow cooker chili always needs to include a few things beans, tomatoes, lots of chili powder and a little bit of hot sauce! I want the flavors to mesh together, so every bite is flavor packed!


2-3 tablespoons Chili powder                    Dash of Reds Hot Sauce

1 teaspoon oregano                                       Dash of Salt, Pepper, and Cumin

½ teaspoon minced garlic                         1/4 Cup Water

1 tablespoon Brown Sugar                        1 Red Pepper

1 Green Pepper                                    1 Jalapeno- Deseeded

1 Medium onion                                     1 cup Tomato Sauce

1 can Light Kidney Beans                         1 can Dark Kidney Beans

1 lb Polska kielbasa sausage                      1 lb ground beef



Brown the hamburger with the diced onion.


While the meat browns chop up the rest of the peppers. Place all ingredients, besides the ground beef mixture and sausage, in the slow cooker or pot.

Once the hamburger is brown grab a slotted spoon and dish it into the rest of the mixture.  Leave a layer of hamburger grease in the bottom of your pan.

Slice the Sausage in half and then into 1/8th in slices. Brown the edges in the same pan that you did the hamburger in. Once browned Place into the slow cooker or pot.

Give the pot a good stir. If the chili is too thick for your liking, pour in a bit of water for consistency. Remember your ingredients will cook down adding slightly more liquid. I usually only need a ½ cup.

If making it in a pot bring to a boil and then let simmer for 2-4 hours. If are using a slow cooker set to the desired heat setting for when you would like to eat it. I usually set mine to the low setting, and it cooks about 10 hours during the day.

slow cooker chili

So Grab a Cinnamon Roll and give it a try! You won’t be disappointed!  (If the Cinnamon Roll sounds funny just try it once, I promise you will not be disappointed with the mix of flavors!)

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