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10 pieces of Advice for the New Farm Mom

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Registering for a baby is hard especially when you plan on being a new farm mom! I am not the first of my friends or sisters to have a kid. I have four adorable nephews and am on the tail end of most of my friends having their first kid. Some of them are even done having kids, so I have learned through the past five years some of the necessities and some of the more frivolous things people register for, but registering with knowledge of being outside put a whole new struggle in front of me. Seriously what do I need?

This baby girl is due in the middle of September, about 2-4 weeks before we start to harvest, depending on how the season goes. Not great timing but what do you do. We have enough help around that I can avoid sitting in a tractor if I want to and most likely will for the first part of harvest, but you bet once I get the ok from Doctor I plan on being in one. It is my favorite time of the year after all! My biggest concern, well how the heck am I going to manage this with a newborn!

I am not the first mom to ask this question or be faced with this dilemma, but I am a first-time mom who has to figure it out. Luckily I have some pretty amazing women in my corner that have done it before that are chalked full of great advice for what they registered for and what they needed to make life on the farm a bit easier.

10 pieces of advice for the New Farm Mom for other farm moms.

1. A Car Seat for the Tractor

It’ll get dusty and gross and won’t be ideal for taking into town. Don’t Feel bad if it’s not top of the line for the tractor, after all; it is spending most of the time in the field and not on the road. 

2. Auto Steer is your best friend.

Pick a tractor with auto steer and stick with it. This way the car seat is always there, and if you need to use both hands for baby you certainly may

3. Baby Slings/ wearers are your best friends.

You will probably want at least 2, one for town and one for the farm.  You actually may want to consider a carrier and a sling depending on what chores you are doing.  They can also be very handy for nursing so you can still have your hands. It just may take a bit of practice. These are the two I was recommended, I’ll let you know how I like them after harvest.


4. Coolers and thermos are your friends.

If you choose to pump, get one with a car adapter so you can pump in the tractor. The also make portable bottle warmers that work well, but you probably want two if you do it that way because they don’t always come the cleanest.  I always seem to get coolers for free so instead of buying a specific one for the farm I just bought the ice packs for the bottles.

5. Diapers are a pain.

Have two changing pads, one that can get dirty and a good one. You never know when you will have to change your kid’s diaper in the middle of a shop floor, or on the ground.  Wet Diaper bags are an excellent way to store the nasty ones until you can throw them away, or if you are doing cloth diapers. I found these super cute ones on Amazon and they have a small and large size perfect to have on for indoors and out!

6. You need a pack in play for outside.

It works great if you are working in the shop or outside on a beautiful It’s a perfect place to put the baby to be contained and play safely while you do your thing. It doesn’t need to be top of the line but one that is extremely versatile. I was recommended two as one is a bit better for them as they get older.

7. You will want two sets of clothes.

You are handling your child when you are not the cleanest person in the world; clothes will get dirty.  As one of my friends put it something that you don’t care if it constantly smells like the farm. Garage sales and thrift stores are great places to find clothing like this. People will get you clothes so just don’t register for them. They will probably grow out of them before they will wear them all.

8. A Rock in Play will save your life.

This is the #1 things everyone has told me to get! Everyone says it makes it so much easier for the child to sleep and gives you the ability to function some days. Here is the one that I registered for. I do know some people who get one for the barn as well as the house depending on their schedule. I would suggest one that plugs in and has an automatic rocking setting. 

9. Get two Strollers.

You will probably want one for the farm and one for town events. Let’s face it the farm one will more than likely run through a few things that smell, and you don’t want to clean it everytime you need to go somewhere. Strollers can be so stinking expensive so for the farm I would recommend a bit cheaper Jogging stroller so  you dont have trouble with rough terrains.

10. The best piece of advice has stuck out more than anything else that I have gotten:

You’re a working mama that gets to take her child with her to work, what more can you ask? You are with the ones you love and doing what you love for work. Enjoy it and be thankful. It does not come without its struggles and days you ask why you are doing it. You get to be a stay at home mom and be there for everything while doing what you love; not many mommas get the best of both worlds!

Those are my top 10 pieces of advice that I have gained to help the transition into a farming mom. What are some other necessities or information you have found that make life easier working around the farm?


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