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Farm Safety for Pregnancy: You can still be Superwomen!

Pregnancy is this wonderful, joyous occasion, and you should treasure every moment. Don’t worry about being tired or not getting things done, after all, you are growing a human.

If I had a dollar every time, I heard anything similar to that I wouldn’t have to pay for diapers! Let’s face it you have looked at the people who say this and think, yeah you’re crazy. If you think that life stops just because I am growing a human, after all, your superwoman. What has ever been thrown at you that you couldn’t handle?

Many times we feel like superwoman on the farm. Somethings need to be done, so we do it. Animals still need to be fed and cared for along with crops planted and broken things fixed.  Taking a break from that just isn’t possible because you are growing a human being.

It’s my first pregnancy, and I have never been one to follow all the rules, bending them is more often what I do.   I have never been great at being given limitations; It’s that superwoman mentality, tell me I can’t do something, and I will say just watch me.  Well, pregnancy is a bit different restrictions are not just for me but my baby and frankly for my sanity. Talking with some of my other Ag momma’s we have discovered some things that safety wise it was better just to say no to doing.

Farm Safety  for Pregnancy

Be careful working with animals.

It doesn’t matter if it is just one and usually the calmest of the bunch. Let’s face it things happen they get spooked, and it is very easy to get taken out.

Let someone else sort animals.

You don’t want to be stuck between a momma and her calf while pregnant, that could end terribly. Someone else can do it. Hopefully, they listen well, so you’re not sitting on the side frustrated. Even sorting piglets bending over and picking up 20 lb pigs isn’t bad until it is. Face it your spine is shifting, and your stomach muscles have moved, and it’s just not so easy to be able to do it, and you will probably feel it for hours later.

Be careful with medicine.

I have had animals move, and things happen, and I have been stuck with needles more times than I would like. Different medications and vaccines can have no effect or significant effects on your child, Why chance it? Do your best to stay away from the needles and just let someone else handle it.

Take a nap!

You are exhausted. Exhaustion is dangerous on the farm. It leads to not paying attention which usually results in things breaking or accidents happening. Planting and harvest are already exhausting times of the year, and then we add in machinery that can easily kill us if we don’t pay attention.  Make sure you sleep if you need a 20-minute nap take a 20-minute  That 20 minutes will take a lot less time out of your day than if an accident were to happen.

Be careful around chemicals.

Maybe you usually run the sprayer, look twice at the chemicals and ask your doctor. You may think they are overly precautions but ask, and come to a decision, maybe it’s best if someone else takes it over for the year. After all, you are still around to teach them.

Fumes can be dangerous.

I love the smell of metal working, welding, cutting pieces, anything you just name it. Those fumes are not great to be around. Especially if you are not in a well-ventilated area, It’s not just welding fumes you should be careful of, but exhaust and other types also. I realized I couldn’t do two of my projects till after the baby because it requires me to use paint stripper, my doctor said no, and I have searched high and low to find something non-toxic and I can’t!

Being pregnant does not mean you have to sit in the house all day and knit baby socks. I mean after all you are superwoman! Just be careful, think about things before you do them. Talk to your doctor. I know people who have ridden a horse until the day they gave birth and people whose doctor has said don’t even think about getting on one. Every person is different every pregnancy is different. Just talk to your doctor.

You may be a superwoman, but it doesn’t mean you have to do everything!

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