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Cleaning up that Farmhouse: Spring Cleaning Checklist

Dishes, I Have stared at them all weekend, and the pile just kept growing! Sometimes they are seriously the death of me. Our dishwasher hasn’t been working great which lives me with more dishes to do. Then there is that pile of laundry and ironing. Ugh. Sometimes life gets busy, and some things just don’t get done in the time frame I would like, but 90% of the time my house is clean. If it’s not, I am guaranteed to freak out when it gets too bad, and my husband HATES it when I do that! There is one time of the year though it is guaranteed I will go nuts and have to do everything, Spring cleaning!

Springtime gets busy around here, whether it was helping my mom in the garden or helping my dad in the field.  Sometimes things just don’t get done inside and I just have to deal. The great news is that once things calm down a bit, I get to do spring cleaning! Growing up we also had one other thing we had to do, ugh, I hated it as a kid, but it is one of my favorite things to do now.



According to my mom, I was always the messy child, let’s face it being outside is way more enjoyable than cleaning the house. Mom always took care of it anyways so who cared right! Then I became an adult, and realized something; my mom rubbed off on me! I love having a clean house, and I like cleaning! There is just something about being able to see all of your hard work at the end of the day that just makes me happy.

My original goal writing this post was to provide you with a spring cleaning checklist. You know those things that I have to do every spring no matter what. As I started that list and then realized one thing it could be extremely overwhelming.

Let’s face it if you live on a farm the simple task of cleaning can be a huge undertaking!

Now my list has slowly been engrained in my head over many years of doing chores; I quickly found out living with college roommates this is not the case with everyone. If you are one who likes a clean house but never knows where to start to I created this PDF just for you! It goes over what I do weekly, monthly and every spring/ fall for cleaning. It helps break down that gigantic task into more manageable ones! I know there are list’s galore out there that tell you what to clean every day, but every time I look at one, I can only seem to think how very unnatural that would fit into my life and would stress me out. Let’s face it I am not going to do a single thing at night if I get home at 10 pm for a week straight!

Cleaning Checklist


My Cleaning list is a little different I separate it out by weekly goals, monthly, and seasonal. I’ll be honest with you sometime my weekly goals don’t happen because life is busy. Work is busy and some days just plain out suck and cleaning is the last thing on my mind.  Like the pile of dishes that has collected on my counter. Don’t be hard on yourself if this doesn’t work for you. Maybe you just decided not to do something on a monthly basis instead of weekly. My goal is to have you avoid the overwhelmed feeling that can easily happen when it’s time to do some major cleaning.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a minimalist, but I have a hard time keeping something if it hasn’t been used it in the past year or two. I don’t see it as worth storing or cleaning. Instead, I would rather have it go to someone who can use it. My Spring/ Fall cleaning list does include going through things.  If it is no longer useful to me I don’t want it around


Sometimes our spring cleaning list took us two months to do. The important thing is when you have time start in one room and work your way through it. First time doing it, it might take all year to do the house. The more you do it, the better it gets. I can clean out my clothes in as little as an hour now. Over time I have eliminated many of the clothes that I haven’t worn in ages.   Take your time, and don’t forget to have your family help you! After all, it’s not just your mess or your job to clean it!

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