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The Budget App that helped us pay off $6000

Ignorance is bliss, or so they say, but ignorance when it comes to your financial situation can very quickly ruin your life.

Soon after my husband and I got engaged we did that oh so fun thing about talking about our finances. Well, to say the least, we both got a not so pleasant surprise.  Surprises in finances are NEVER a good thing.

We decided it was time to get serious about paying off our debt. Even though we weren’t married yet, we started budgeting together. We knew if we were serious about doing this debt free thing it would be better off if we would do it together

The first couple of months of budgeting on pen and paper were a complete disaster for us. We would always end up over our budget because one or both of us would end up spending too much money. The reason we never sat down and figured out what was left every day. (That was just to much work).

We thought about doing the cash envelope system, but you see I haven’t worked on a cash base system for almost ten years.  When I have cash, I have a tendency to spend it.  Coffee here and there, eating out every once in a while. It always ends up gone; I knew that would not work for me at all!

Well, thank goodness I found the Dave Ramsey App everydollar. It’s awesome because my husband and I both have access to the same budget. When one spends money, the other one knows even if we aren’t together. The best part is the app tells us what we have left! It makes it easier to tell myself no when I want to spend money on something we don’t need

This app has made our lives way easier! We have been able to pay off a few credit cards while paying for our wedding in cash.

The app/website seriously could not be easier to use. All you have to do is put in your monthly expenses. At first, it may take you some time to set up your categories, expense list, and also put in your monthly payments, but as long as you have a bank statement for a reference, it makes it way easier.  The next thing is that it copies your budget from one month to the next! It seriously makes it easy to go from month to month!

After using it for six months, I can now set up our budget in about 5 minutes. That’s with my husband checking it over to see if we need to make changes for the upcoming month.

 After six months we have paid off over $6000 and paid for our wedding in cash.  The ability for both of us to know where our money is going has helped us manage out money efficiently!  It is amazing what just paying attention can help you do!


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