Buying Power Tools for the DIYer on a Budget

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IF you are a DIYer or just starting DIYing you need, some tools and tools are gosh darn expensive! If you’re lucky, you happen to have a friend who will let you borrow their tools. A Miter Saw, table saw, and band saw work well for many projects they are also your more expensive tools and hard to buy on a budget.  Hand tools tend to be a lot cheaper but for some things power tools just work better. That and power tools are just fun. But I would suggest being careful buying power tools. Some tools are better made than others and if you are expecting to use them a lot make sure you buy a good brand proven for durability and use. If you don’t plan on using them often, you can buy some cheaper brands. If you are buying power tools you want the ones that you can get the absolute most use out of!

Below are my recommendations for buying power tools on a Budget!

Orbital Sander

I would recommend the Dewalt Orbital Sander you can find it here on Amazon. To me, this sander gets you the most bang for your buck. This sander will help you quickly sand down either,r brand new boards or the furniture you are redoing. It is a random orbital sander what it means is that it sands in multiple directions. I always still move with the grain to make the minimum of marks against the grain, but believe me this is a lot quicker than sanding by hand. I suggest going over everything by hand quickly at the end especially if you are on a flat surface, for example, a table top. It just makes your finished product look a little bit nicer.



A Drill

This is a tool box essential no matter what. They come in handy for oh so many things! The drill I’m suggesting is the drill that my dad owns, the Dewalt 20V lithium ion cordless compact drill. This Drill has a light which makes easy to see in dark places like on the inside of a project; it also comes with two batteries, so you never have to wait for one to charge. Dewalt also makes 20v XL lithium batteries that last longer than the others.



Circular Saw.

A circular saw works great for making straight cuts! They also make several different jigs so you can use them to make the same cuts as you do your table saw. They make cordless ones that run off of batteries and also corded you can just plug in. Corded saws tend to be cheaper, but I have found that I appreciate the cordless ones more. For the fact, I don’t have to run extension cords, and I don’t need to worry about have electricity where I work. The cordless one is a bit more expensive but both work great!


Jig Saw

This tool is very useful anytime you need to make curved cuts. It can also make straight cuts and be used on a variety of materials. You can face the same dilemma on this tool as you do on the circular saw, choosing between battery or electric powered.  Dewalt make a corded and cordless version of this tool also!


Nail gun

You could get by without this if you don’t do a lot of detailed finishing work, but it comes in very handy. I would recommend the Bostitch Brad nailer. My husband purchased this for me while I was working on wedding projects, and it works fantastic. It is a bit more expensive brad nailer compared to other brad nailers, but I have found that the Bostitch is more accurate. I have yet to have a misfire with it, which seems to be a common occurrence with the one we use in the school shop. The bad news is you need to buy an air compressor; the good news is air compressors are a great thing to have around! Other companies also make cordless brad nailers, but they are also more expensive.

Overall you can buy the tools you need to do pretty much every project for under $500! I’m not saying you need to buy everything right away, but these are the tools I would start buying if you are looking at doing some of your own projects!


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